RS #0117 - Hewe's Virginia Crab S.V. | 8.5% ABV

So popular it is almost a misnomer to call it a crab apple, the Hewe's Virginia Crab was a staple of east coast colonial-era orchards. This lightly-carbonated single-varietal run highlights floral and plum aromas while offering dried fruit and herbal sweetness with a dry, tannic finish.  (750 ml bottles, RS 0.8%)

RS #0916 - Yarlington Mill S.V. | 7.2% ABV

Featuring a classic English variety (grown in this case in central WA), this cider exhibits flavors of green apple, while bringing forward smoky, peaty or grassy notes. A nice earthy, tannic finish rewards those lucky enough to open a bottle of this wild ferment, still cider.  (2 cases in 750 ml bottles, RS 0.2%)

RS #0816- Columbia Crab S.V. | 7.3% ABV

This unique, plum-sized crabapple is one of our favorites for blending, offering floral aromatics and a sharp flavor profile. But creating this single-varietal cider required a bit more work - using special cultured yeast and long, in-barrel aging(1yr) to soften and enhance the best of the fruit.
Creamy, tropical flavors lead, complimented by hints clove, and butter, honey and characteristic floral aromas.

Cultured yeast fermentation, aged 12-months before bottling; 2015 harvest, Source: Bailey Nursery, Grandview WA. Lightly back sweetened with honey sourced in Sprague, Washington.

RS #0716 - Cidermaker Blend | 8.0% ABV

RS #0516- Golden Russet S.V. | 9.8% ABV

Golden Russet apples are one of America’s greatest cider discoveries, found in New York - a chance seedling - in the early 1800s. This version presents characteristic butterscotch aromas with baked/dried stone fruit flavors. Golden Russets seem to thrive in our region, with off-the charts sugar levels in our 2015 vintage, giving this cider a 9.8% ABV.

RS #0416 - Pink Pearl | 7.9% ABV

Pink Pearl apples are a rare, red-fleshed varietal we just had to try, since some red apples yield beautiful rosé-colored ciders. Though this cider retained only a hint of pink coloration, the flavors are still quite lovely, with hints of floral, grassy aromatics and soft raspberry flavors. Apples grown near Brewster, WA. (16 cases bottle conditioned in 750 ml bottles, RS 1.0%)

RS #0316 - Winesap S.V. Bottle Conditioned | 8.4% ABV

Winesap apples are one of America’s oldest cultivars, dating as far back as the late 1700s. Settlers prized the “Wine-sop” for its versatility, its long storage life, and (of course) for making cider. Using the same Winesap apples as our Heirloom Series offering, this batch was bottle conditioned, offering a softer, more creamy mouthfeel due to natural carbonation. Enjoy on its own, or paired with pork, cheese, spicy thai or charcuterie. Apples grown near Yakima, WA. (5 cases bottle condition in 750 ml bottles, RS 1.0%)

RS #0216 - Porter's Perfection Single Varietal | 8.6% ABV

Porter’s Perfection apples are another UK favorite, valued in blending and as a stand-alone. Dry, tannic and satisfying, our 2015 Porter’s is a blend of apples from both our Palouse-based suppliers (Bishops' Orchard & Steury Orchards). Aged in a used whiskey barrel (already stripped of whiskey by our award-winning Stonewall cider), this cider pairs beautifully with smoked poultry, pork and red meat dishes. (12 cases bottled still in 750 ml bottles, RS 0.2%)

RS #0116 - Kingston Black Single Varietal | 9.8% ABV

Notoriously hard to grow, Kingston Black is nonetheless the world’s most renown UK cider apple, presenting an ideal balance of sugars, tannins and acidity. This superb example is a wild yeast ferment, aged six months which yields rich, caramel-like coloring, aromas and flavors, coupled with unusually high alcohol levels owning to terroir and unusually dry growing conditions in 2015. Apples grown at Steury Orchards, Potlatch, ID. (2 cases bottled still in 750 ml bottles, RS 0.5%)


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