All our ciders are made by hand right here in Spokane Washington. They contain only two simple ingredients, freshly pressed Pacific Northwest apples and yeast, that's it.


New World Style

Mild aromatics and a refreshing balance of sharpness, sugars and tannic structure make this off-dry cider perfect at any time and for any occasion. A blend of Palouse-grown dessert fruit and Manchurian crabapples, it’s our New-World take on old-school English cider: full-bodied, but a little punchier, a little sharper, a little more…American.


English Style

Classic cider varietals from the mother country–including Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Ashton Bitter–come together for this dry, English-style cider. Complex, layered aromas, a hint of bittersweet apple flavor, balanced acidity, tannins and residual sweetness: it’s the perfect accompaniment for both appetizers and dinner.


Limited Release

For the most part, making cider is a blender’s art. But when we discover a crop of apples that manages, all on its own, to deliver the perfect balance of acids, tannins and sweetness, great aromatics or special flavors, well...who are we to stand in the way?

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