Making Our Cider

Every step of the production process is performed with constant scrutiny and care, from pressing to packaging.  Time is no object as flavor and character develop slowly and are definitely worth waiting for.



At Liberty we press all our apples on site to ensure that the quality of our juice is at the highest standard.  Many years ago apples were pressed with straw and often the press was driven by horses.  We've improved just a touch from there!



Once the juice is in the fermentation vessel the magic starts to happen.  Our fermentations start with the ultimate simplicity.  Juice + Yeast = Cider.   Depending on the cider being produced we may proceed with a "wild ferment" or add a cultured yeast.  The yeast is one of the major flavor determinants when making cider, just behind the juice.  Once fermentation begins it can take weeks to even months for the fermentation to complete.  Proceeding with a slow fermentation brings out complexity to our ciders.  As our head cidermaker Rick will tell you, cidermaking is an art and there's always more to learn.




Once the cider is complete only half the job is done.  Cider changes with time whether maturing in an oak barrel or carbonating in the bottle.  Each cider has it's own path and it can't be rushed.

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